A slick WFH space requires robust and reliable technology to provide flexibility, deliver reduced complexity and organisational functionality making all the difference to your productivity.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating the perfect work-from-home office space…

Seamless videoconferencing forms the backbone of your WFH office and crisp, high-quality audio and video is integral to work productivity.  Catch all the crucial details and nuances and focus on what’s important rather than straining to hear.

Similarly, stable, fast Wi-Fi is an absolute must.  Do you need signal extension so you can continue your work by the pool?

With smart home controls we can create a one-button press “On-a-Call” scene that brightens lights, drops blinds, pauses music and switches an indicator light on your home-office door to red so the family knows not to interrupt.

Lighting also plays an important role in forming an effective workspace.  Human centric lighting considers our circadian rhythms which correlate sleepiness with darkness and alertness with lightness.  The addition of HCL allows you to shift or extend the “sun’s natural path” to create an ‘alert’ working environment, whatever the time of day or night.

Simplicity is key – multiple screens and a desk uncluttered of cables will vastly improve your workflow.  Don’t forget about ergonomics and ambiance – have some fun, personalise your workspace and make it a place to enjoy.

Automation Associates can assist with any or all of the above.  Call our friendly experts to discuss ways to enhance your WFH space.  09 377 3778  advice@aa.net.nz


Simplify Life.


Automation Associates has developed a lockdown-proof thermostat for Commercial spaces.

Traditional HVAC systems rely on 7-day timeclocks or programmable thermostats, however during holidays or Lockdowns (when your staff are sent home for a month) HVAC systems continue to run, wasting an enormous amount of energy.

Our Energy Conservation System is based on information from occupancy sensors and the alarm or access control system which is fed back to the HVAC system to ensure it’s not running when the building is empty.

The system works with all brands of ducted or highwall aircon systems, hydronic or electrical underfloor heating systems and passive air and solar systems.

If you’ve ever walked into your office when no-one is there and wished there was some way to stop the aircon running give us a call on 09 377 3778.

For more information contact brendon@aa.net.nz


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How to get the best use from Zoom in the hybrid workplace during and after COVID-19 lockdown.

Click play to view the webinar with Jaron Burbidge from Zoom.  He shares his experience and know-how to give you inspiration and ideas on how to improve your hybrid workplace communications.  Find out tips and tricks, how-to and how-not-to.


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Click play to view the webinar where our friendly experts share their experience and know-how to give you inspiration and ideas to guide your smart home decisions.


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