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HelpDesk+. Faster service, less cost and peace of mind

Get the jump on AV issues, save on labour and travel costs and enjoy better, faster service. HelpDesk+ remotely monitors the health of your devices 24/7.  If an issue is detected, we will be notified and a tech will log-in remotely to take a look.  Many issues are resolved with reboots, firmware updates or security patches […]

Dynalite System Owners

Do you have a Philips Dynalite lighting control system at home or in the office? We have just completed a beautiful two way driver which gives you the ability to control your Dynalite system via touchscreen, app control, Siri or Alexa and can also control your AV equipment. Dynalite has been a very popular system […]

Smoke alarms save lives

It’s true. Last week our Technician Blair had the misfortune of a fire in his downstairs room which started due to an electrical fault. It was early morning and from the upstairs bedroom a faint beeping could be heard.   Blair headed downstairs, smelled smoke, saw thick brown smoke leeching under the door and quickly got […]

New Freeview Channels

New Freeview Channels on 25th May Looks like our friends have a couple of new Freeview channels for us: The new PRIME, FOUR plus 1 and THE EDGE TV feeds (12519Mhz) will be available to tune to in the morning on WED 25 MAY; the crawler message will be activated at 12:03pm on WED 25 […]

Video Wallpaper Just Happened

Video Wallpaper is here About 5 years ago Dow Corning came out with a stunning video of the future connected home, glass surfaces were screens and interfaces, you could swipe a recipe off your phone and onto the bench to read it while you rolled the flour, and the entire lounge and bedroom walls were full […]

How To Avoid a Technology Fail

Avoid a Technology Fail. 7 key Fails & How to Avoid Them Technology Fail 1. Reliance on WiFi Most of our clients devices will connect via WiFi, however we advise against relying on WiFi to feed such systems as the alarm system, streaming audio and Apple TV for reliability reasons.  We make sufficient allowance for hard-wire […]

Sky Update Causing Hassles

Sky Update Causing Hassles A recent Sky update causing hassles with many clients’ decoders has seen our phones ringing hot this week.  This roll out is ahead of their livening of the ethernet and wireless stacks for the provision of streaming content – look out Netflix & Lightbox. The most common issue from this Sky […]

Mirage Audio System Certified Hi-Res

Mirage Audio System by Autonomic The Mirage Audio System is a Media Player that allows you to enjoy all of your music and streaming services anywhere in your home. Play music in just one room, different music in multiple rooms, or start a party. Autonomic is proud to announce that the Mirage Media Server has […]