Secure Your Home with Home Automation

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Home automation is the term used to describe technology that integrates all devices and appliances on residential and commercial premises. Although home automation has been around for several decades, the newer systems come with advanced features that make life easy. You can use home automation to control cooking appliances or heating and cooling systems. You can also use it to secure your home and reduce your electricity bills.

What Home Automation Does for You

Homes that don’t have automated systems function differently. You have to use remotes to turn off TV’s and manually switch off lights and fans. Automated systems do all the work for you. Your TV, lights and air con will come on with the touch of a button. You can also network your home security system with your laptop or mobile phone so you can enable/disable alarms without any hassle.

Home Security with Home Automation

Home Security systems keep you safe and the automated ones come with motion detectors and video recording. They send you instant messages when they detect motion in your absence. They also record and store information in the cloud and they never sleep.

You now have the option of answering the doorbell no matter where you are. The system will alert you when someone appears outside your door. You only have to use the microphone and speaker system to communicate with the person standing outside the entrance to your home.

Home security systems are intelligent. They have software that tells them the difference between humans and objects and they’re less likely to set off a false alarm.

Protecting your Home from Damage

Since home automation systems network with electronics and small appliances in your home, you won’t ever have to worry about causing an accident. You can turn off appliances from your phone and set them to come back on at specific times. You could also install cameras close to main water pipes that could damage your home. The cameras will alert you if they detect any leaks.

Additional Features

The best part about home automation systems is that you can integrate all your electronics. Whether it’s your home theatre system, your garage door, the oven, the lights, or the burglar alarm, you can control them all using the same interface. You can also customise your preferences to suit your family’s lifestyle.

You can install home automation systems on commercial premises as well. You can use the system to manage room bookings and set up commercial work spaces.

Finding Reliable Home Automation Technicians

If you’d like to install a home automation system either at work or at home, get in touch with the professionals at Automation Associates. We are experts in smart wiring, AV installation and home security. Our technicians have NZ Ministry of Justice certifications and they’ve undergone training with internationally recognised organisations.

Our team of experts will help you choose the right devices that will keep your home secure.

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