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Huddle Space
Single Screen - Local Input
No thanks
5 rooms
10 rooms
30 rooms
75 rooms
Executive Meeting Space
Dual Screens with UC
No thanks
5 rooms
10 rooms
15 rooms
20 rooms
Training Room
Projector or 80" Interactive Screen
No thanks
1 room
2 rooms
3 rooms
4 rooms
Control / Incident Room
Local Inputs amd Tiled Video Wall
No thanks
2x2 Video Wall
4x2 Video Wall
4x4 Video Wall
8x4 Video Wall
With Projection and Pro AV
No thanks
100 seats
150 seats
250 seats
500 seats
Video conferencing and or UC
No thanks
Dual screen
2x2 video wall
4x2 video wall
led wall
Visitor Experience Centre
No Thanks
iPad kiosks
Interactive surfaces
Edge blended projection
VR suite