Faulty C-BUS System?

Three pictures of poorly wired switchboards

I talk to a lot of people who have been struggling with an ailing C-BUS system.  Common issues are lights not working, touchscreens that have died or erratic operation.  If you are suffering with a faulty system we can help!

Clipsal C-BUS or C-BUS2 systems can be directly replaced with the Vantage Equinox System which runs over the existing C-BUS wiring.  There is no need to pull the walls apart!  We have been installing the Vantage systems since 1998 and have hundreds of happy clients all over NZ.

Your Clipsal C-BUS keypads will get a stylish update and you and your family will be able to control your system from home or away via your phone or tablet.

Upgrading a C-BUS lighting system takes around two days depending on how big your C BUS Lighting system is.  Give me a call on 021 970 785 or email me at brendon@aa.net.nz anytime and I will be able to give you a cost to upgrade your system.

We often get asked “Can you fix a C-BUS system” or “Can you repair a C-BUS system” and unfortunately the answer is no, the best way to move forward is to replace it with a modern and reliable system like the Vantage Lighting Control and Automation system.

We replaced a broken system for our client Kris, in Campbells Bay, Auckland and here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I have spent most of the last decade trying to keep my system running. Increasing failures and repairs, alongside a desire to stay abreast of evolving technologies caused me to search for a replacement and after lengthy evaluation chose a Vantage system from Automation Associates.

Since upgrading to Vantage I have finally achieved the vision I originally anticipated – a system that works reliably, can be controlled from anywhere, and that my family can use easily.

The AA crew are outstanding and truly know their stuff – I recommend them as seasoned professionals and only wish I had engaged them from the start.  “

Kris Boyd

If you have a broken C-BUS system call me on 021 970785 – we will get you up and running again!