Noticed your LED lights flickering intermittently?

Filament light bulb

Have you noticed your LED lights flickering intermittently around the same time of day?  You may be being affected by ripple control.

Ripple control is when your power company is managing the electrical load on the network.  Control signals are sent from the power company which switch off devices, such as hot water cylinders and street lights, to reduce the amount of electricity being used.  Another signal is sent once network demand eases, to switch the hot water cylinders back on.  This signal can sometimes cause noise at your devices and result in your LED lights flickering when the signals are being transmitted.  Flickering can last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and stops when the power company stops sending the signal.  Many LED drivers are affected by these ripple control signals.

Happily, we can add a ripple control filter to stop your LED lights from flickering. We suggest you call your electrical company and ask what the ripple control frequency is in your area – usually 750Hz or 1050Hz. We’ll need this information to match the right ripple control filter to the local signal being output by your electrical company.

This is not a DIY job as all ripple filters must be installed by a registered electrician. So, if you’ve noticed your LED lights flickering intermittently give us a call on 09 377 3778 so we can sort it out for you. Contact us or email for more info or to arrange a ripple filter today.

What should I do during an electricity outage?

Vector has the following tips for what you should do in an electricity outage:

Report the outage. Call 0508 VECTOR (0508 832 867).

Use a torch instead of candles (a torch is safer).

Switch off sensitive electrical equipment, such as your TV, computer and stereo as they can be affected by a power surge when power is restored.

Keep the fridge closed so food will last longer while the power is off. A freezer will usually keep food frozen for up to 24 hours without power.

Turn appliances off. Make sure elements on your stove, the kettle, and all heaters are turned off. This ensures they don’t come back on without you noticing when the power supply is restored.

Don’t touch or use any electrical appliances while barefoot in damp or wet conditions.

If you go out, be aware that streetlights and traffic lights may not be working.

Don’t go near any damaged power lines and electrical equipment – stay at least eight metres away.


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