Why use an AV Installer?

Krone punch down module

Find out why you might consider using a specialist AV Installer over an Electrician.

Over the years, members of my sales team have come to me and said things like “I just lost this job to a sparkie who quoted it for 3/4 of our price”.  I give them a cuddle, tell them its OK and send them back into the fray with a reminder to be sure to explain to their next client the differences between a AV installer and a sparkie.

There are countless reasons why you’re better off to engage a specialist AV installer and here’s one of my favourites – Reason #512  KRONE vs KLONE. 

We’re going to get a bit technical here so bear with me…

The US has a system called 110 for quickly connecting wires to things (in Europe it’s known as KRONE), it uses a system called IDC – Insulation Displacement Connectors.  Basically you punch a bit of data cable in between two sharp edges of metal and they scrape off the insulation making the connection.  No need for soldering, a solid reliable connection and much faster to do so the job is cheaper to install – hooray – everybody’s happy, or are they…

Choices for the AV Installer

As an installer, you’re faced with a choice at the electrical wholesaler.  You can buy the patented KRONE block for $15.27 or KLONE for $3.96

The KRONE connector has a tiny patented bowl shape at the bottom of the blades which expands as necessary to keep the edges of the blades parallel and therefore even pressure on the one or two or three cables punched into it.

The KLONE block is much faster and cheaper to make, and is used by just about every other sparkie or installer.  The problem is that the sides are not parallel and with heating and cooling over time the copper works its way out of the connector, these systems start to fail after only 2 years (long after that ½ price sparkie has taken his money and run).  The problem is compounded if your sparkie tries to punch a second cable, or re-punches each time you call with trouble with your crackly intercom / low internet speed, in this case you will start to notice faults within as little as 3 months.

At Automation Associates we use the best gear we can find so that your end result is a great quality system that you love, and that’s going to last.  And this is why our clients use us again and again refer us to their friends.  Take a look at some of our projects here.

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