Smart Mirrors have been around for a while – why are they so popular now?

Smart Mirrors display the time, weather, let you read, reply to and delete emails, control your home and display TV and when they are no longer required turn back into Mirror.

The better ones use a dielectric glass with a special coating that reflects and transmits light at the same time, meaning you can watch flawlessly clear TV through it when the TV is on, and when the TV is turned off, it vanishes and all you see is the mirror.

Available in a range of sizes to suit any space they incorporate the latest display technology to provide the most vivid picture available.

Smart Mirrors got their start in domestic bathrooms, ensuites and wardrobes but are finding their way into commercial bathrooms, green rooms and dressing rooms where they are used to convey information usually seen on a digital signage displays.    The expanding use cases for them is making them more popular and this is helping to drive the price down – early smart mirrors would set you back around $18,000, but are now available for around the $6,000 mark, installed.

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