Conserve Energy When the Office is Empty

COVID virus under microscope, overlaid with a stop icon

Automation Associates has developed a lockdown-proof thermostat for Commercial spaces.

Traditional HVAC systems rely on 7-day timeclocks or programmable thermostats, however during holidays or Lockdowns (when your staff are sent home for a month) HVAC systems continue to run, wasting an enormous amount of energy.

Our Energy Conservation System is based on information from occupancy sensors and the alarm or access control system which is fed back to the HVAC system to ensure it’s not running when the building is empty.

The system works with all brands of ducted or highwall aircon systems, hydronic or electrical underfloor heating systems and passive air and solar systems.

If you’ve ever walked into your office when no-one is there and wished there was some way to stop the aircon running give us a call on 09 377 3778.

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