Use the right tool for the job

Untidy, badly cabled wiring job

We love sparkies, we do.  They are great for power points and light switches and meter boards and finding why the breaker to the fridge trips from time to time but there are some things that you are better off getting an AV professional to do.

The picture above is a classic example from a large Auckland Hotel (which will remain nameless).  You’ll see the back of a PA (public address) amplifier that drives the speakers that play that funky but relaxing Hotel Costes’ double CD set on repeat in the lobby 24/7.

Attached to the 100v output you may recognise the cable – yup, that’s cat5 dangling there.

The Automation Associates technical deployment experts get to see a lot of weird and wonderful things out in the field – usually after we get a call that begins with “ABC company installed XYZ and it has never worked properly, can you come and take a look please?” We usually get it sorted without passing judgement but this particular doozy rates special mention, not only due to the dreadful sound quality that this totally inappropriate cable was creating in this high end hotel’s very high end lobby, nor due to the lack of cable support or labeling but mainly due to the fire hazard and attendant insurance issues staring out at us.

Insurance companies are a mixed bag in my opinion (sorry Steve if you are reading this). The cash sapping annuals and enormous excesses are one thing but when the proverbial hits the fan it’s great when they have your back, unless they don’t.  They need to protect themselves and things like wiring a 100V PA system with cable that has neither the current carrying capacity nor insulation resistance to cope with the load is an easy out for them – and when the fire inspectors report comes in, believe me, they’ll take it.

Make your day a little easier and use the right tool for the job.  In this case its an AV Professional for an AV job.

If your interest (or conscience) is piqued or there is anything bothering you about your system please give Chris Rush a call on 021 947 356 and we will send out a tech to get it sorted, no judgements – we promise.

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