Man pushing button on Protege ICT Security panel

Automation Associates has always been slow to change alarm panel providers, we have had Arrowhead Elite, DSC and most recently Paradox, just the three in 26 years of operation.

We like to be great at what we do, and knowing the panels inside and out means we can be confident that they are installed perfectly. This is especially important when your security and fire safety are at stake.

Now and again a new panel turns up and that happened for me five years ago years ago with ICT Protégé when looking into how to open the doors and turn the lights on for paid up members at Grafton cricket club in Victoria Park, Auckland.

ICT Mobile Security App

A globally respected commercial and high-end residential panel, ICT has offices in Denver, Toronto, and Melbourne but is made right here in Albany NZ.

Hayden and Rachel Burr founded the business with the experience they gained in the Canadian market and have created a world class system built to ISO9000 standards and packed with features you will love.

For many of our Beta clients, the big benefit has been the ability to set and unset the alarm and release doors remotely via the app. For others it’s been the ability to release a door by waving their phone at the reader.  For me personally, the big benefit is the ability to see when the office is locked and know who is coming and going and when.

ICT Security via Bluetooth

We have just completed a large installation with 150 zones, 8 partitions and 20 doors and it went great! So, it’s time for us to flick the switch and make ICT available to all clients.

ICT Security

If you have an older system at home or the office and would like to discuss upgrading to ICT please give me a call on 021 970785 or email

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