As discussed in our Smart Home Issues blog, Kiwis have a world-leading can-do attitude to be proud of, however some of the companies that have started up in our industry have not gone the distance and unfortunately nor have the systems they were selling.

Recently I was helping a chap in Laingholm with a faulty PDL Smartwires lighting control system that was installed in his home but has gone end of life.

He had a TRIAC fail in spectacular fashion leaving extensive burn marks in his switchboard.

Burnt switchboard

He spent time online looking for help but searches for the labels he could see of Intelligent Automated Systems, L.A.W. Local Area Wiring System and Smartwires all drew blanks.

L.A.W Local Area Wiring System

The reason for this was that this system went end-of-life 15 years ago, so the only option now is replacement.

Vantage EQ73

Luckily, this is very straightforward using the Vantage lighting system from Legrand.  We replace the old TRIACs LCB-01’s and PSU-05 with the Vantage equivalent, swap the keypads and that’s it!

Vantage is the only wired system available that will run over ANY cabling that’s in your walls.

Vantage has a range of keypad options and one of its best features, besides its lengthy warranties, is the stunning interface pictured above that makes control of your system simplicity in itself.  Read more about Vantage here

Take a look at a system we recently completed in a stunning Auckland apartment here.

A while back we replaced an obsolete system for our client Kris, in Campbells Bay, Auckland and here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I have spent most of the last decade trying to keep my system running. Increasing failures and repairs, alongside a desire to stay abreast of evolving technologies caused me to search for a replacement and after lengthy evaluation chose a Vantage system from Automation Associates.

Since upgrading to Vantage I have finally achieved the vision I originally anticipated – a system that works reliably, can be controlled from anywhere, and that my family can use easily.

The AA crew are outstanding and truly know their stuff – I recommend them as seasoned professionals and only wish I had engaged them from the start.”

Kris Boyd

If you have a broken system call me on 021 970785 – we can get you up and running no problem at all!

Simplify Life.