Automation Technology and Business Growth

Board room with wall mounted smart white board

Savvy business owners are constantly thinking about new ways technology can foster growth. Automated systems help businesses reduce costs and transform operational practices, offering opportunities for future development. The extent to which you can benefit from automation depends on how robust an implemented system is.

But how specifically can automated systems drive business growth? Rather than creating one big, immediate change, automated systems help facilitate growth by making little, day to day things quicker and easier to do.

Increased Productivity by automation systems

Say you were rolling out an automation system in your meeting rooms. An automated system provides a simple user interface for all employees to control. The system allows you to control various features of the room and AV tech, from lighting and shades to the presentation equipment itself. Simple user interfaces make navigating and adjusting settings a breeze, without the need for lengthy training.

Centralised control of automated systems improves workflow during meetings and presentations by preventing delays previously caused by the necessity to adjust lighting and equipment or other technical hiccups. During a previous workshop with a business in Auckland, we found that up to 15 minutes can be wasted trying to set up AV systems, with an additional 10 minutes in conversation with IT support. In a 60 minute meeting, that cuts productivity time down to 35 minutes.

Multiple conference or meeting rooms can be controlled from a centralised control panel, where you can pre-book rooms and adjust the settings in that room so everything is ready to go when you need it. The result is less confusion and less wasted time, leading to better productivity overall.

Cost Savings

Automated systems not only give you total control over settings, but also allow you to manage energy use, which ultimately results in reduced costs. Brendon Reid, Director of Automation Associates comments that half of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted.

Quality automation systems efficiently use energy by controlling multiple settings from a centralised control system. For example, rather than flicking multiple switches for lights, AV technology and screens, all can be done with a press of a button. These clever systems will prepare the room according to your needs and can even sense when no one is in the room, shutting off the systems and conserving power.

Reputation and Improved Business Image

Automation systems show your clients, employees and any other visitors that your business is committed to quality communication, technology and efficiency. This can go a long way when it comes to impressing potential clients and partners with productive meetings facilitated by a robust automated system in a conference room.

Automated technology can also impress in a number of other settings. Luxury hotels are a common example of a business that uses state of the art automation systems to impress guests, providing them with a unique luxury experience. This includes dimming lights, AV, heating and security, all controlled and adjusted with a simple touch of a button.

Tailored Automation Solutions for Your Business

As we move into the future, more and more companies will utilise automation technology to drive growth. Our approach at Automation Associates involves understanding how your business uses technology and space to determine how we can help create multipurpose spaces capable of supporting activities and encouraging productivity, collaboration and free thinking.

For more information about how we can help your business move forward with automation technology, explore our services or get in touch with our team.