Renovating? Now’s the Time to Consider Home Automation

Person viewing home automation design on laptop

Home automation systems integrate smart appliances and other electrical systems in your home. You can control the operation of these appliances, home alarms, blinds, and lights with the touch of a button.

Although you can install home automation systems at any time, the best time is when your home is under renovation.

Installation of a Home Automation System

To install a home automation system, the technician will have to install wires in multiple rooms. This allows you to wirelessly connect to various systems in the house. If you install the wires when your home is under renovation, you can conceal them within the walls. You’ll have your system up and running as soon as you’ve finished your renovations.

If you’re automating many systems in your home, the technician will install a neat and standard system of wires throughout the house. If you choose to wire the house at a later stage, you might have to tear down the walls to install cables. You’ll have to also buy plaster and paint to fix the area that you’ve torn down. This will increase the total cost of the project.

Planning for the Future

Once the technician lays down the necessary wires, you’ll find it easy to add home electronics in the future. If you want pay TV in your guest bedroom, for instance, you could easily set it up if the wires are already in place.

Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation secures your home. You will be able to know who’s standing outside the door even before the person rings the doorbell. You could also use it to light up pathways and stairways before you even get home.

Home automation lowers your electricity bills, alter thermostat setting and keep your home at an ideal temperature.

You can also use the system to turn on your dishwasher in the early hours of the morning when electricity rates are low. Besides this, you could integrate the whole system with your solar panels. The opportunities are endless with a well-installed home automation system.

Future Proofing your House

If you’re considering smart wiring for your home, get in touch with Automation Associates. With our high-quality products and services, we keep home automation simple. We customise designs to suit your requirements.

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