How to Be Commercially Savvy with Automation

Luxury hotel room with commercial automation

Smart, well-designed workplaces create a more dynamic and appealing environment for staff, partners and clients. Automation systems can make your company more commercially savvy by making use of the latest technologies boost productivity and impress anyone your company deals with.

With so many technological advancements at our fingertips, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make our commercial buildings smarter. Below we look at some of the exciting ways automated systems can transform your workplace and help you transition into a forward thinking and commercially savvy business.

Centralised Control

Customised automation systems offer a simple way for users to control multiple aspects in a space. It allows you to control lighting, temperature, appliances and other technologies. This can be very convenient in office spaces and conference rooms for employees, who can quickly set up a space according to their needs.

For other businesses, like luxury hotels, automation systems can be an impressive and indulgent experience for customers. By having this new technology in place, your company appears determined to offer state of the art services and keep pace with the latest technology.

Integrated System

You can be more commercially savvy in office environments with integrated automation systems, which can increase productivity by saving time on booking and setting up rooms. For example, we installed a centralised AV control system, which reports on AV usage and room occupation at Fonterra’s global headquarters in Auckland.

Room booking systems there can integrate with Outlook, allowing employees to manage available meeting spaces and book rooms. A user can view the booking schedule for each space and the status of meetings (in-progress or booked). The room can be prepared ahead of time so the necessary equipment is up and running and ready to go in time for the meeting.

Social and Public Areas

Automated systems can help you create the perfect atmosphere in public and social places in your business, whether it’s a public lobby or a break out space for employees. From background music and public address capability to huge video panel walls and advanced projection systems, the options are endless.

If your company has large public or social areas, creating a nice environment to hang out in, full of tech savvy gear will engage employees and customers alike. We can customise it to fit your brand image as well as the requirements of the people using the space.

Tailored Automation Solutions to Make Your Business Savvy

Organisations are increasingly using automation technology to give them an extra edge, transform spaces and improve operational practices. Our team at Automation Associates develop a tailored automation solution for businesses based on the space and what they need in order to be a commercially savvy organisation.

For more information about how we can help your business move forward with automation technology, explore our services or get in touch with our team.