Service+ remote monitoring service

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Get the jump on AV issues, save on labour and travel costs and enjoy better, faster service.

Service+ remotely monitors the health of your devices 24/7.  If an issue is detected, we will be notified and a tech will log-in remotely to take a look.  Many issues are resolved with reboots, firmware updates or security patches – and if we can fix the issue remotely in under 15 mins then the remote service is free.

Over the Christmas break one of our clients in the Far North experienced an issue with their system.  Luckily, Service+ enabled us to log in, diagnose the issue, and send a replacement part which was easily swapped over by the client. No need for a truck roll from Auckland, saving the client time, hassles and money.

With Service+ we can:

  • Detect and prevent issues and proactively provide outstanding remote troubleshooting and support.
  • Alert you when issues arise and fix problems before you even know they exist.
  • Advanced diagnostics and security updates for IP Cameras.
  • Email us to learn more.

Service+ is $1,915+ gst which includes softeware and installation and the 1st years subscription.  Subsequent years are $995 + gst.  and Click here peace of mind with Service+.

For around the cost of 2-3 service calls you will jump the queue, enjoy better service and faster resolutions all year, without the cost of a truck roll.

Simplify Life.