Home Safety Improved with Automation

Staircase with beautiful lights

Negotiating Your Home in the Dark? An automation system provides solutions to everyday challenges and increases home safety.

Last week I was talking to a client, who has been living in an automated home we did for them 4-5 years ago, about an upgrade to the new Vantage Equinox system. He mentioned his wife had recently taken a tumble on the stairs. It turns out she often heads down to the kitchen in the night for a glass of water but never turns the lights on for fear of disturbing him in his sleep. We had a simple solution to improve their home safety!

We popped around and added a “sneak” button so she could turn on the lights to a dim level leading away from the bedroom and negotiate the stairs in her home safely to the kitchen. We thought this was a pretty good solution until the lady of the house pointed out she has no hope of reading the the buttons at night without her glasses – so I had our tech glow the LED so she can easily find it at night.

Double win, we improved our clients home safety and restored a little marital harmony at the same time.

The ability to change the homes functionality and programming as a clients needs change is something you just can’t do with a conventionally wired home – a great reason to have smart wiring.  A lighting control and automation system means you can do anything you like at any time in the future as clients needs change – including improvements to home safety!

Here’s her feedback on the sneak tweak:

“Hi…just a big vote of thanks for solving my problem negotiating my many stairs in the dark! Stepping off into space and landing in a heap is no fun. Your techie made it super easy by illuminating the words to a brighter lux between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am. Thanks!”

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