Vantage Commercial Automation

Luxury hotel room with vantage commercial automation

Hotel Guests Enjoy Luxury with Vantage Commercial Automation

The world’s finest hotels and resorts turn to Vantage commercial automation systems to deliver a one-of-a-kind luxury experience for their guests.

Customised state-of-the-art automation systems, giving guests all the comforts of home at the touch of a button. Vantage’s InFusion controller allows for future expansion, an important component for the owner as additional upgrades are planned.

Vantage offers flexibility through automatic and automated control over the lighting, right through to full AV and mechanical integration. Vantage is the most powerful system in the high end custom install market to deliver complete automation. It provides fully integrated, intelligent control over both the dimming and switching of lighting, and other solutions such as AV, heating and security. Its intuitive software is quicker and easier to programme than any other system and the results are breathtaking; allowing a property to be shaped to specific tastes and expectations with the touch of a button.

You’ll find Vantage controls all over the world in the finest hotels and resorts.  If you are looking for a scale-able solution for your hotel – whether it be boutique or large scale Vantage has a customiseable solution offering multiple languages for your guests.

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