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The concept of circadian lighting follows that of the human circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock. The area of the brain called the hypothalamus controls each person’s circadian rhythm by receiving signals from the eyes that report when it’s daytime and night time. The hypothalamus, in turn, controls the amount of melatonin released to correlate sleepiness with darkness and alertness with lightness.

Research has indicated that light affects both our visual and non-visual systems and that electric light can impact circadian rhythm. Circadian lighting is the concept that electric light can be used to support human health by minimizing the effect of electric light on the human circadian rhythm. Scientists have discovered that long-term exposure to certain wavelengths of blue light at a specific intensity can have a negative impact on melatonin production.

Read more from Lillian Knoerzer on The Lighting Practice’s website – https://www.thelightingpractice.com/what-is-circadian-lighting/

Our Vantage lighting control system accommodates real-world living by allowing users to shift or extend the “sun’s natural path.” A workout scene, for example, might have the virtual sunrise begin at 5:00 a.m. instead of 6:48 a.m, prematurely ramping up the lights’ intensity and colour temperature to suit the early-morning workout.

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This AA Commercial Testimonial from one of our happy commercial clients…

We engaged Automation Associates in May 2014 to help us with our audio visual needs for our new office in Christchurch. It was a collaborative process and we worked closely on the project with Dean Murrell of AA in Christchurch.

We outlined:

• what we wanted to achieve in each of the spaces
• some of the problems that we had encountered in the past that we wanted to avoid
• the need to create spaces that were easy to use
• a requirement to make sure that we were installing equipment that would go the distance
• make a positive impact on the way that we presented information to both of our own people and our clients

Automation Associates came up with a number of creative solutions that we could use which meant that we were able to see the solution come to life when we moved into our new office in Cambridge Terrace in March 2015.

Automation Associates were great because like every installation there are always last minute changes or issues that need to be resolved and they were quick to fix them. Throughout the whole process AA were extremely professional and ready to answer any questions as well as work with the build and design team when needed.

I would thoroughly recommend Automation Associates and would be very happy to use their services again in the future.

This AA Commercial Testimonial provided by Name and Company details withheld.

This installation covers:

• Six rooms
• Three to four room combinations
• Five 60” monitors
• Two projection screens
• Five rooms capable of Lync Room (Skype for Business) meetings
Crestron control systems

Automation Associates is a dynamic company specialising in the design and installation of hi-end home and business technology systems – theatre, screens and displays, audio, security, intercom, smart wiring, access, and integrated automation.

Home automation, integrated building technology and smart homes

Home automation, integrated building technology or smart homes are umbrella terms for residential or commercial premises that mean different things depending on your budget, but loosely describe a combination of multi-room audio and visual, lighting control via a touch screen (or mobile device), structured cabling for phone and computer network flexibility, security (including alarms and cameras) and access control for remote vehicle and pedestrian gate release or proximity readers, and whole building control in commercial premises.

In a non-automated home you might use your remote to open the garage door, another remote to unset the alarm then find yourself feeling around for the light switches in the garage then hall, then again in the kitchen and lounge.  Now, because the lights are on you must close the blinds.  Turn the heating on, drop your bags and settle down on the couch to watch the News.  Realise you don’t have the remote for the TV so find that, and then adjust the lighting level for watching TV.

An automated, or smart home does all this for you.  Home automation allows one button press to simply unset the alarm, illuminate a path of light to the kitchen and turn the TV onto your favourite channel.  The beauty being that these scenarios are customisable to your family’s lifestyle.

And similar scenarios exist within commercial premises.  Where you might have had a building administrator booking rooms, setting up AV equipment and allocating resources this can now all be managed by a central automated building control system.  These clever systems not only go into presentation mode in preparation for room occupancy, but for any reason the meeting doesn’t go ahead, they will sense that no one is in the room and shut off the systems again conserving power.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your commercial space work for you.

Brendon Reid, Director of Automation Associates comments “It’s said that 70 per cent of the energy used in the US goes into buildings and 50 per cent of that is wasted.  Good automation systems should not only be reliable and simple to use, but should also give you good control over your energy management thereby creating savings.”

For the technically wary these systems can seem daunting, however industry association CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) can be a good place to start.  This international trade association was set up to promote high standards within the custom electronics industry by providing training, accreditation and recognition for members.  By engaging a CEDIA Certified professional you will have peace of mind and the finest in custom home automation electronic design and installation.

Home automation systems can be stand alone or fully integrated whereby you can control lighting, audio, heating, access, theatre and more in one tidy, simple user interface.  The beauty is that a good custom design and installation company is able to fully customise your system to your budget, needs and lifestyle.

Words by Automation Associates.  Visit www.aa.net.nz  or email sales@aa.net.nz for more information.  Ph 0508 AUTOMATE

Crestron Pyng

Crestron Pyng ™ now enables set up and control of whole home audio distribution systems and touch screen integration right from the iPad®. Plus, the app makes smart homes even smarter by learning how the home is actually used. The data is collected in the cloud and graphically displayed on the iPad app.

Pyng all of your tunes in every room
The new version of the Crestron Pyng app makes it easy to set up audio distribution to every room of the house. Homeowners can enjoy popular streaming services, including Spotify®, PANDORA®, and Rhapsody® wirelessly via AirPlay®. In addition, they can play all of their iTunes® music and personal digital music libraries wirelessly or through USB.

Crestron gives you unparalleled flexibility to offer whole home audio systems and the Crestron Pyng app now pairs instantly with the Autonomic Mirage MMS 5a and 2a streaming media servers. An integral part of your home automation.

The ultimate learning system
Crestron Pyng now makes your smart home even smarter by learning how the home is actually used. By identifying trends and understanding how different rooms are used, when they are used, and how long each day, adjustments can be made to save energy and money. The cloud-based service collects data and then graphically displays the information on the iPad. Spikes in usage, can easily be seen. For example, lights may be left on in the basement during the day when no one is home, or after the housekeeper leaves. Inexpensive occupancy sensor could be added to significantly reduce waste. Now, that’s smart home automation!

Homeowner Adjustability
Once the initial set up is complete, anyone can easily modify settings or create new scenes right from the app. Homeowners can make changes themselves with the confidence that all their original settings are backed up in the cloud. Clients can modify lighting scenes, change daily scheduled events, or change button names whenever they are so-inclined.

Hotel Guests Enjoy Luxury with Vantage Commercial Automation

The world’s finest hotels and resorts turn to Vantage commercial automation systems to deliver a one-of-a-kind luxury experience for their guests.

Customised state-of-the-art automation systems, giving guests all the comforts of home at the touch of a button. Vantage’s InFusion controller allows for future expansion, an important component for the owner as additional upgrades are planned.

Vantage offers flexibility through automatic and automated control over the lighting, right through to full AV and mechanical integration. Vantage is the most powerful system in the high end custom install market to deliver complete automation. It provides fully integrated, intelligent control over both the dimming and switching of lighting, and other solutions such as AV, heating and security. Its intuitive software is quicker and easier to programme than any other system and the results are breathtaking; allowing a property to be shaped to specific tastes and expectations with the touch of a button.

You’ll find Vantage controls all over the world in the finest hotels and resorts.  If you are looking for a scale-able solution for your hotel – whether it be boutique or large scale Vantage has a customiseable solution offering multiple languages for your guests.

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