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Clever Work-From-Home Office Spaces

A slick WFH space requires robust and reliable technology to provide flexibility, deliver reduced complexity and organisational functionality making all the difference to your productivity. Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating the perfect work-from-home office space… Seamless videoconferencing forms the backbone of your WFH office and crisp, high-quality audio and […]

Conserve Energy When the Office is Empty

Automation Associates has developed a lockdown-proof thermostat for Commercial spaces. Traditional HVAC systems rely on 7-day timeclocks or programmable thermostats, however during holidays or Lockdowns (when your staff are sent home for a month) HVAC systems continue to run, wasting an enormous amount of energy. Our Energy Conservation System is based on information from occupancy […]

Get the Best from Zoom – Webinar

How to get the best use from Zoom in the hybrid workplace during and after COVID-19 lockdown. Click play to view the webinar with Jaron Burbidge from Zoom.  He shares his experience and know-how to give you inspiration and ideas on how to improve your hybrid workplace communications.  Find out tips and tricks, how-to and […]

Touchless Touch Screens

In an age where people think twice about touching an EFTPOS terminal or pressing buttons on their boardroom control system this holographic touchscreen from Adalyitca is the answer. Think of it as a touch overlay for a PC.  It’s being put into everything from ATM machines to POS systems and the uptake is going to […]

Smart Home Issues

Kiwis have a real “can do” attitude and our number 8 wire mentality has seen a lot of creativity spawn new products in the NZ Home Automation industry. Clever Kiwi inventors have created products such as Smart Wires, (also known as Eboss) Kristal based in Auckland and recently Ata Touch from Hamilton –  even Cbus […]

Where is the Whiteboard in Teams?

Looking for the Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams?  It is the unmissable bright blue icon on the right of the SHARE page. Click the grey TEAMS bar at the bottom of the page when in a meeting, click the Share Button (box with the up arrow in it) and look over to the right.     […]

Wi-Fi 6 – Faster Wi-Fi is Here!

Faster Wi-Fi is here and its name is Wi-Fi 6. For those of us who have been using Wi-Fi technology since ’98 you may be familiar with 802.11b,a,g,n & ac with speeds up to 3.5gbps.  The new Wi-Fi 6 standard brings us 9.6gbps but that’s not all, Wi-Fi 6 also promises better connectivity, more simultaneous […]

Faulty C-BUS System?

I talk to a lot of people who have been struggling with an ailing C-BUS system.  Common issues are lights not working, touchscreens that have died or erratic operation.  If you are suffering with a faulty system we can help! Clipsal C-BUS or C-BUS2 systems can be directly replaced with the Vantage Equinox System which […]