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Internet of Things (IoT) Explained

What is IoT? Until about 8 years ago, the only things that had Ethernet jacks or Wi-Fi in them were computers, so in those days it was an “Internet of Computers”.  I like to call this IoC. Now, just about every other electronic “thing” can be connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi hence the […]

Noticed your LED lights flickering intermittently?

Have you noticed your LED lights flickering intermittently around the same time of day?  You may be being affected by ripple control. Ripple control is when your power company is managing the electrical load on the network.  Control signals are sent from the power company which switch off devices, such as hot water cylinders and […]

Why use an AV Installer over an Electrician?

Find out why you might consider using a specialist AV Installer over an Electrician. Over the years, members of my sales team have come to me and said things like “I just lost this job to a sparkie who quoted it for 3/4 of our price”.  I give them a cuddle, tell them its OK and […]

Voice Control. When will it not be crap?

Voice control has been around for 20 years, but it’s always been frustrating to use.  I wish it would hurry up and work because there’s some stuff I need it to do. Back in the days when your car ignition key actually went into your ignition at least you always knew where your remote control […]

Sound Bars – how wrong I was.

Now and again I get to have a root around in the R&D labs of obscure Chinese factories. The sales manager is holding out a piece of kit “we are developing this for the (insert continent here) market, what do you think?” Most of the gear I see is a rework on an existing concept […]

Use the right tool for the job

We love sparkies, we do.  They are great for power points and light switches and meter boards and finding why the breaker to the fridge trips from time to time but there are some things that you are better off getting an AV professional to do. The picture above is a classic example from a large […]

Do you need your Kristil system fixed?

Kristil is no longer manufactured and parts for Kristil systems are nearly impossible to come by but we can help! We have replaced many Kristil systems with the Vantage Equinox System http://www.vantagecontrols.com/learn/product-overview.aspx which runs over the existing Kristil wiring. The keypads will get a stylish update and you will be able to control your system from […]

Virtual Reality and Automation

Virtual reality is rapidly entering the marketplace, with technological improvements over the past few years increasing quality while driving down costs. For as little as $15, someone can enjoy VR using their smartphone with the Google Cardboard. Like automated systems, virtual reality is enabling business around the world to transform their practices. The two technologies […]